Options Trading Course

BLUE EMPIRE sets an Options trading course, which involves buying and selling options contracts, which give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specified asset at a predetermined price (the strike price) within a specific time frame. Options can be used for various purposes including speculation, hedging, and generating income. There are two main types of options: call options (which give the holder the right to buy the underlying asset) and put options (which give the holder the right to sell the underlying asset).


As we stand at the dawn of our academy’s inception, we’re fueled by a fervent hope: to see BLUE EMPIRE expand its horizons, touching lives globally. While accolades and collaborations are milestones we aim for, our true measure of success lies in the empowered stories of our students.

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BLUE EMPIRE TRADING ACADEMY offers purely educational content. The materials are not financial advice or recommendations. Users act on this content at their own risk, and we disclaim any liability for financial decisions based on our information.